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Secure your starting battens in place

dodano: 5 stycznia, 02:34 przez ckvhcbgn

Before you start, make sure you have all the equipment to hand! Check that the surface to be tiled is clean, dry and flat and that any holes or cracks have been filled. Porous surfaces will need to be sealed first with primer. Always wear safety goggles and protective gloves when trimming and cutting tiles. 1 - Secure your starting battens in place, making sure they are straight and square with a spirit level. Always start in the centre of a wall and work to the edges, putting your final cut in. This is safe practice if your corners are out of line. 2 - Spread the tile adhesive with a notched spreader, evenly covering approximately 1 square metre at a time. (DO NOT dot the corners of a tile, this may cause crazing or cracking of the tile when the adhesive shrinks to pull the tile to the surface). 3 - Place your tiles using a sliding action. Use tile spacers between each tile for accurate and even spacing. Wipe away any excess adhesive with a cloth or sponge. Remember, do not pack the adhesive more than 4mm. This again (after shrinking) may cause your tiles to lip and buckle. 4 - For simple straight cuts, tiles can be scored with a tile cutter and then snapped off to leave the desired size. I would either recommend a combination plier cutter or flat bed cutter to make cutting easier. 5 - If you only need to trim the edge of a tile, use a pair of tile nippers to nibble off the excess. Make a paper template and use a tile saw for more complicated shapes. Remember, file down with a tile file those sharp edges for safety Polyester Lining Suppliers when grouting. 6 - Once the tiles are in place, allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours before grouting. Use a grout spreader to push the grout into all the gaps. TOPP TIP - Do not grout any sooner - the tile adhesive cannot dry - hence tiles will be loose and may fall off. 7 - When all the grout is in place create a professional finish by wiping any excess grout at 45 degrees from the tile surfaces with a sponge. Finally, buff the tiles with a soft cloth. Using the 45 degrees motion will help keep the grout in the joint. Allow the surface to go hazy before polishing -

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