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Always hang your suit in a hanger that is round

dodano: 2 stycznia, 02:16 przez ckvhcbgn

It is important that you should take extreme care of your suits so that they last long and give you the same look for what you bought. Taking good care of your good suit makes sense. Here are some of tips that you could exercise which would help you to make your suit last long. Brush your suit It is very good practice that you clothes brush your suit before you hang it in the hanger. It will help you to remove the dirt and rejuvenate the wool retain its shine. Hanging your suits Always hang your suit in a hanger that is round, and is broad. It would not cause you any problem no matter how long it is hung it will also enable it to retain its shape. Do not rely on these metal hangers they will not enable your coats to retain their right shape. Be in a practice that you remove the buttons and empty the suits pockets ensuring that you retain its shape. It is a good practice that you hang your suit in the air for about 24 hour so that the moisture content in the suit dries properly. Be sure that you have enough space in your wardrobe so that your suit could be hung properly, and be sure that you do not cram it in between other clothes so that it doesnt creases. Keep your suit in partial enclosed garment bag, enabling the air to pass on. But make sure you cover the shoulder area so that there is no dust accumulation. Rules concerning ironing: Have your suit steam ironed if you find the any crease before the next wear. Be careful about wool suits, dry ironing can spoilt the fabric. Before ironing be careful about the polyester yarn manufacturers heat flow, if the iron is too hot it can make the wool material become shiny. Always use a cotton cloth or a linen cloth, and do not move the iron directly rather lift it up and press.

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